RBI Baseball Tryouts


When did the RBI Baseball Program start?

The program was founded in 2020. It began with one team and has grown every season since!


Why choose RBI?

RBI Baseball is committed to develop our young kids as people, as students and as athletes. Players will develop lifelong skill sets through a structured forum, both on and off the ball diamond. A foundation based on education, teamwork, goodwill, developing relationships, hard work, and ethics, will be developed and encouraged.


How is the RBI Baseball Program different from little league or recreational baseball?

One of the biggest draws to the RBI Baseball Program is that it allows kids to play with, and against, the best players in their area and beyond. This isn’t to say that recreational baseball doesn’t have good players in it, it’s just to say that most of the select club teams have more of them. There are many good reasons to play with and against the best players. It pushes an athlete to work harder to earn his spot, it inspires kids to want to be better, and it teaches them to deal with adversity and challenges they may not otherwise encounter.


How is the RBI Baseball Program different from local academy teams?

The first and foremost obvious difference is that our program is less expensive. RBI is proud to be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and we try to keep player fees lower than other elite travel teams. Our nonprofit status allows for more competitive baseball at a lower cost. It allows us to use our fundraising $$$ for the best competitive tournaments, indoor training, baseball equipment and knowledgeable baseball instructors during off-season workouts.


Winter Training

All teams will participate in Winter Training from January through April. 8U will have 1 contact per/week and 9U-15U will have 2 contacts per/week, 1 during the week(hitting) and 1 on the weekend(fielding/hitting). While RBI encourages and supports other seasonal sports, we ask that our players try to make as many sessions as they can.


Tournament Play

8U teams will play 6-7 tournaments. 9U- 14U will play between 8-10 tournaments (depending on tournament cost), with 1-3 overnight stay to play tournaments. 15U will play 6-8 tournaments.



 8U:      $500

9U:       $850

10U:    $1,000

11U:    $1,000

12U:    $1,000

13U:    Up to $1,500 with a paid coach, if no paid coach fee is $1,000

14U:    Up to $1,500 with a paid coach, if no paid coach fee is $1,000

15U:    Up to $1,500 with a paid coach, if no paid coach fee is $1,000


NEW THIS YEAR!!! An OPTIONAL, 6-month (September-February) Limitless Performance Membership! Join Brad Fitske for his Athletic Weight Training Sessions at Limitless Performance. A 58,000 square foot training facility located at 3410 Bell Street in Janesville, WI. Players 10U-15U will have the option to add a Limitless membership to their registration package. Cost is $450, which breaks down to $75 per/month. Normally $155 per/month so this is a HUGE savings for our RBI players!  What does this include?...


Athletic Training Classes:


Middle School/High School Players: Classes Monday-Friday at 5:45am, 3:15pm, and 4:15pm. Classes are 1 hour long. Come to as many or as few class options per/week.


10-12 Year Olds: Classes Monday-Thursday at 5:15pm. Come to as many or as few class options per/week


This crucial stage is all about developing essential neuromuscular patterns and laying the groundwork for athletic skills. Under the expert guidance of our professional trainers Brad & Baily, participants will enhance their coordination, flexibility, and running patterns. They’ll also learn the basics of weight training and safety. Our program focuses on the fundamentals of acceleration, deceleration, and directional changes, preparing them for more advanced athletic challenges. This training not only aims to boost their current abilities but also builds a foundation to make them more resistant to injuries. Continuous training in this age group can lead to lasting and positive changes in their athletic performance.



What do your fees include?

Fees include off-season training, 8-10 tournaments (6-7 for 8U), uniforms including 2 game jerseys, 2 pants, hat, belt, helmet (every other year) and a team bag (every other year). We pride ourselves on our sponsorship partners and fundraising efforts, which help us to cover field expenses, off-season workouts, insurance, baseball equipment and the maintenance/field construction of Afton Fields.



Fundraising is a HUGE component to RBI. It allows us to keep player costs down, provide our players with top notch gear and equipment, and participate in high caliber tournaments. RBI will be doing a golf outing on August 24th, 2024, as well as our required calendar raffle in the spring of 2025. As we assess our needs for the 2025 season, we will also be doing some smaller optional fundraising opportunities throughout the year.




Who can try out for the RBI Baseball Program?

Players ages 8U through 15U (defined by your age on May 1st) are invited to participate in our open tryouts. RBI Baseball is very interested in talented, coachable, hard-working, competitive players with great attitudes and committed families. Age groups that do not have enough players or an approved coach will be allowed to tryout and ranked at a higher age group if they choose.


When do you notify players regarding team placement?

In most cases, prospective players are notified within 24-48 hours after the FINAL tryout session for your age group. Please understand that sometimes this time frame gets extended, but our coaches do their best to notify all prospective players as soon as possible. RBI will email an offer outlining the upcoming season and associated team costs to each player offered a spot. Team commitments require a non-refundable deposit at the time of commitment.


How many players will there be on each team?

Ideally, we would like to have active rosters of 11 players for 8U-12U with a maximum of 12 players, unless the Board approves otherwise. The maximum number of players for 13U-15U is 14 players.


Will the team be competitive?

Yes. We take pride in the composition of our teams. RBI teams will play at a highly competitive level, and we do our best to properly place players according to their age and ability. Some RBI teams may need to be put in lower-level tournaments to start so they can build and develop the confidence and skills before moving up levels.


Is my player guaranteed a spot on the team next season?

No. Each player must register and tryout each annual season so they can be placed on the proper team. Both prospective and current players must attend the tryout session in their age group to be considered for the next year’s team rosters.



Where are team practices held?

RBI practices in Afton, WI at our home baseball fields April – July. Our off-season workouts take place indoors starting in January 2025.


Attendance Policy

RBI players are expected to have regular attendance and attend 100% of games and a minimum of 90% of practices. This is critical for coach instruction, individual skill, and team development. Absences not only affect the individual player, but the whole team. However, we will not hold it against a player if they are unable to attend a practice due to special circumstances. Please communicate with your team’s head coach in advance if your child needs to miss a practice.


Refund Policy

The RBI organization does not offer refunds on player fees. We do offer the option of player insurance, which you can add when you register your player. Registration Insurance provides users the option to insure their non-refundable season registration, in case of injury, illness, or other covered claims.



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RBI Baseball Tryouts 24-25

This is registration for tryouts only.  If your child is selected for the team you will be notified.

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