Parent and Player Contract

Code of Conduct

To ensure a positive and rewarding baseball experience for all the players, parents, spectators and coaches, RBI Baseball is asking its players and parents to read and sign the following guidelines listed below. Although this agreement does not assume to address every potential issue, it does address primary concerns that have arisen and do arise at times during the normal course of the season and off season and is consistent with RBI’S mission of excellence in baseball and youth development.

All players and parents must read and sign and follow the rules and guidelines listed below:

  • Each player/family must pay their fees in full on time. Fees are non-refundable, irrespective of whether a player chooses to leave the team or is dismissed for disciplinary or other reasons.
  • All players, parents, guardians and spectators are expected to conduct themselves honestly, professionally and in a manner that is respectful of all other teams, kids, spectators, umpires, coaches and parents.
  • Please make sure your child attends all team functions, unless absence has been discussed with coaches prior to.
  • The players are in the care of skilled, trained, caring and experienced coaches. Please remind one another that they are spectators, encouraged to offer positive comments and words of support, however, we will have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any negative comments towards anyone.
  • Even with best intentions, coaching from the sidelines is confusing, distracting and not appreciated and WILL NOT be allowed with our teams. You have chosen to allow your child to play for RBI, so, please follow through and support the team by not interfering with our teaching and coaching during practice, games and tournaments. We do have your child's best interest in mind as we promote development, sportsmanship, and teamwork.
  • While learning how to win is important, it is not our primary objective. Development and learning the game of baseball the right way is our primary focus, which will in turn prepare your child for the next level.
  • RBI Baseball strives to develop the individual God given physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual talents of its players, and through sportsmanship, team competition, and fun encourages responsibility, compassion, and excellence in all aspects of performance.
  • We put the TEAM before the individual player.
  • Parents and others have a right to discuss matters with the coaches at the appropriate time and place. In consideration of the non-paid coaching staff, please feel free to set up a time and place for such a meeting that accommodates all involved, and not at the ballpark. 

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